Friday, June 29, 2012

Manners & Warriors

I’ve recently had interesting experiences with manners and the Church.  More specifically BAD Manners at Church activities. 

I’ll tell you a little about it without going into details, but I want to say up front that a true Righteous Warrior would not stoop to the level of poor manners. Poor manners are an expression of selfishness and show lack of self control. So in this experience, there is a lesson in how to behave and act like a true priesthood man.

In my years of service I’ve noticed a couple of things regarding deteriorating manners that have bugged me:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Backpacking: the Warrior Way to Camp

I just completed a lifelong dream to backpack in the southern Utah desert, surviving only on my wits, what I could carry and the water I could find.  Ever since I was a small boy, I'd dreamed of doing this.  The scout troop I was in as a boy was loaded with fishermen and if you couldn't fish, they weren't doing it.  Since fishing is scarce in the desert of southern Utah, it never happened.

So I was able to accompany my son and his troop on their outing last week, and I have a lot of Warrior stories to tell about that trip, but that isn't the focus of this post.  What I'd like to address for the warriors and budding warriors out there is the fine, manly, warrior art of BACKPACKING!
Standing in the ruins of an ancient culture.

As I described my experience to a co-worker, he mentioned that he wouldn't know where to start on a backpacking trip...this led me to think "Hmmm...if I had to compile a list of ten essential things you'd need for a successful backpacking expedition, what would it be?"