Tuesday, April 9, 2013


In this article I outlined the basics of ‘the Battle’ that we fight on a daily basis to do what is right, to face life’s challenges and to overcome weakness’ that we are hounded by.  Today I’d like to focus on step one of HOW to fight those battles, the Attack, and give you some insight as to how we fall prey to the lies, deceptions and constant attacks of our common adversary.

First off, let me state that this is not a product of my own thought.  The original concept was developed by a well respected Licensed Professional Councilor who does a LOT of great work to help men defeat sex and pornography addictions.  His information can be found at www.sonsofhelaman.org and I’ve enjoyed my association with him immensely. His knowledge of the science of brain chemistry combined with some great spiritual insight is the inspiration for this idea. 

I also owe a lot to a very close friend who helped me take these ideas and refine them a bit to apply to all our daily battles, not just those dealing with the Law of Chastity (though I feel pretty confident that a great many men have struggles with this law in various forms…, whether they want to admit it or not).  He also helped me to establish gospel doctrinal basis’ for every concept taught in this information.

If you missed the post on WHY WE FIGHT, I suggest you read that first so you can understand why the Lord refers to us as “warriors” and why we face the drastic choice of “Fight or Die”.

With that introduction: let’s talk about The Attack!