Monday, January 6, 2014

Life Is Tough...Always Has Been

I heard a news bit the other day that really made me pause and think. The story followed a young man and was talking about how he’s going to have to move back home with his parents upon graduating from college because of how tough things are and how hard it is to get a respectable job.  His exact comment was “I can’t afford to pay rent on what I make at Starbucks”  He then went on to complain about how the older generation just doesn’t understand how much harder life is today and they need to lighten up on the young people.

I had two immediate thoughts: 1) this kid is a huge boob, and 2) he needs to get off his backside and find a better job…or maybe two jobs...or three jobs.  He's young, it won't kill him.

This story then caused me to reflect about what life was like when my wife and I graduated from college and I began to wax nostalgic…I decided to write down what it was like…so here goes…

When I graduated from the University of Utah in 1995/96 life was tough…and I loved it!