Monday, April 2, 2012

Call of Duty: Spiritual Warfare

Ahhh…wasn’t General Conference great? I always look forward to the re-charge I get as a I sit and ‘feast’ on the words of prophets (as well as on snacks and goodies that are a conference tradition in my home).  I am always spiritually refreshed following conference weekend.

I had a thought that I wanted to run by you all as I review some of my conference notes and mussings. One in particular that I keep coming back to is President Monsen’s “Call of Duty” talk.

Knowing that those men whom we sustain as prophets are not out of touch with the world and knowing that Pres. Monsen in particular loves to speak in parables and metaphors, I wondered at the use of the term "call of duty" especially since it is the title of the top selling video game of 2011…”Call of Duty”…being more that mere coincidence…

In his talk Pres. Monsen uses the word ‘Duty’  around 24 times and references the particular phrase “Call of Duty” 5 times.  Not only does he use the phrase, but then uses vivid military metaphors (Marines on the beach of  Kwajalein Atol, and the YM of his ward in the service) to help illustrate this need for the men of the priesthood to rise to their DUTY and do that which is BEST.

Personally, I do not believe that this is a coincidence in any respect.  Only because every male in that audience under the age of 50 would be inclined to think of that video game series named “Call of Duty” in this instance.  The repetition of the phrase and metaphor would only make us think it more.  My question is “Why do you think he did this?” Or more importantly “Why do you think the Lord inspired him to do this?” What is the lesson being taught?

I have my thoughts…I wonder what yours are?

I’ll post my thoughts in the coming days.

(BTW – I’m not a gamer…I’ve actually never played this game.  I am however aware of the popularity and impact it has on the industry, and as an animator I can appreciate the art of it all.)