Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Now Have A Reason to Watch TV Again 

So I'll confess right here to being a fan of Bear Grylls.  I've said many times that my perfect vacation would be to spend a few weeks in the wild with Bear.  That, to me,  would be the ultimate vacation and it would be a LOT of fun.

So when I saw that he had a new show coming on I was pretty excited. When I learned that it would be him taking celebrities out into the wild for an expedition I was really pumped.  I couldn't go on vacation with Bear, but I could vicariously see what it might be like.

After watching the premier I can say I was not disappointed.

Now before I get 'haters' telling me that his shows are all contrived and that it's more about drama than actual survival situations.  I know full well that most of his stuff is staged and that in REAL survival situations a lot of what he shows wont work. I get that.  But you have to admit that it's a TON of fun to watch him. He is a genuine, hard-core, survivor and his real story is pretty amazing.  If you haven't read his books, I can highly recommend them, in particular "The Kid Who Climbed Everest" and "Mud, Sweat and Tears".

 Bear is a genuinely good man and his life is guided by values of faith, family and doing good.  One of my favorite quotes in guiding my life comes from Bear:

"Live a wild, generous, full, exciting life - blessing those around you and seeing the good in all."

I'm excited for this new show. I'll be watching all six episodes and hoping that NBC orders more.  Hope you all will enjoy it as well.