Monday, March 26, 2012

Conducting Personal Interviews With Your Kids!

OK…this one is for all fathers out there.  We have all been instructed that one way that we preside in our homes is to conduct personal worthiness interviews with our children.  This is a very sensitive thing and requires that we be living close to the spirit. Really, if our kids are having problems, they should be confident in coming to us before they EVER go to the bishop. Sadly, this does not happen in most cases.  Why? Well, these interviews are difficult to do and uncomfortable for us.

I have found the ultimate solution and it was introduced to me from an incredible Stake Primary President.  So here in a nutshell is how it works. (I can personally attest to the success of this plan…we’ve done it for a few years in our home and it is AWESOME!)

How to conduct a personal interview:

It is called P.I.E. Sunday

Here is what you do. The Monday night before Fast Sunday, announce in family night that you are going to institute a new procedure in your family routine called “P.I.E. Sunday”.  P.I.E. stands for Personal Interviews for Everyone.  Then you explain how the program will work.

During the week, pray for guidance as you talk to your family and listen for promptings as to what kinds of thoughts you need to share, or what questions you need to ask.  Write these promptings down somewhere where you won’t forget them. I’ll note them in my planner or on my phone calendar app.

On the Saturday night before Fast Sunday, go out and buy a pie (let your kids pick what kind).  Then on Sunday you take the time to sit down one-on-one with each member of the family while the pie is baking and you conduct a Personal Priesthood Interview with each of them.  I like to finish up by interviewing my wife.

Here is a recommended outline of how to conduct the interview:

  • Always start with a prayer (you offer it, be sure to mention by name the child that you are talking too and some of their special talents and characteristics)
  • Some questions you might ask to start out are:
    • How are you doing in school?
    • How are things with you and your friends?
    • How do you feel about things in our home?
    • What can I do to be a better dad?
  • Then you can jump into some more difficult subjects like:
    • Are you saying your prayers?  How is your relationship with Heavenly Father?
    • Are you having any problems that I can help you out with?
    • Have you encountered pornography? What happened?
    • Have you ever heard people swearing around you? How does it make you feel?
  • After your short interview (try to keep it around 15 minutes) you can take some time to set some short-term goals with that child.  Make sure you write them down somewhere.  I usually write mine in my planner.  When your next interview comes up, pull these goals out and review them.  Make sure to compliment the child on their efforts.
  • Often I’ll try to pick out a scripture or quote that I can share with them that help teach a short principle that I feel they need at that time. 
  • Close with prayer (offered by the child).
When you have interviewed everyone then it is time to have pie!

I have found that is a great way to make what could otherwise be an uncomfortable processes something that the family looks forward too.  In our home, my kids even remind me that PIE Sunday is coming up and they really look forward to the one-on-one time with Dad. It’s built amazing relationships with my kids and it’s a great opportunity for me to do some amazing teaching.
Good luck establishing this awesome habit in your homes. 

You’ll never regret it!